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The most common questions about dentures

The most common questions that our patients ask about dentures are probably your questions as well. Here are the questions we are asked most frequently:

1. How many visits will I have to make? At least five visits are required to properly make and fit your dentures.

2. How many impressions need to be done to make one denture? Two impressions.

3. What is the most important step in denture fabrication? All steps involved are equally important.

4. How is the height of the denture and teeth position determined? In our office we use an articulating device that helps us to determine the physiological position of teeth in relation to upper and lower teeth, to ensure the best possible fit.

5. Can dentures be delivered on the day teeth are extracted? Yes, this type of denture called immediate denture and can be prepared in advance before the extraction of teeth. However, this type of denture needs reline, which involves adding an additional layer of material inside the denture when extraction wounds will be healed.

6. Which denture is more difficult to use, lower or upper, and what can be done to improve this adaptation? The lower denture is more difficult to adapt to because the lower jaw is smaller, and tongue and cheek muscles can dislodge this denture. You may need to have an awareness of your mouth and chewing that you did not have before. Today, one of the options is mini implants that can retain the lower denture. Some insurance covers this type of implant.

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